Tips For Caring For Dogs With Special Needs

Caring for a dog with special needs can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life, if they do their research in advance. Pets with special needs are similar to people with special needs

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Caring For A Special Needs Child: Dealing With Change In Your Life

An unfortunate fact is that change in life may occur any time, whether it be financial, health, or otherwise. For the unprepared, families of children with special needs may feel as if they have a daunting task

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As an occupational therapist working within the mental health community, my aim is to help individuals build the skills they need to achieve independence and a productive adult life. In my work, I deal with all sorts

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A recent study at Columbia University found that children with autism had higher levels of gluten antibodies than children without autism. While more study is needed to fully understand the implications of these findings, eating gluten free

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Falling asleep should be one of the most peaceful parts of any person’s day but unfortunately getting a good night’s sleep often isn’t as easy as it should be. We all have our own “going to bed”

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Many people who remember the old school posters talking about drug use and drug addiction remember possibly hearing their teachers telling them that they can get addicted to marijuana. You may also have overheard other people stating